First store in an 8 X 16 portable building before we moved into the building as shown to the left.

Stop by our store and check out our large inventory of new & used namebrand and handmade custom knives, prepping supplies, bugout supplies and other outdoor gear.  We Buy, Sell & Trade for all types of blades.  We also carry 22 LR & 22 MAG Ammo.. We can order just about anything you want at very competitive  prices. Give us a try.

             STORE LOCATION

4508 Alma Hwy, Van Buren AR


How We Got Started

     Swamp Mama's Beef Jerky was started in December of 2009.  At that time I was buying homemade beef jerky from a man who peddled it on Friday nights at our local watering hole!  His was good but just not quiet what I was looking for, so between Christmas and New Years of December of 2009 I started researching  jerky recipes and how to pages online.  I bought a DVD with over 100 recipes.  I looked at most of them but just didn't find the one I wanted.  I gathered me up some spices and started making my own unique recipe.  After several failed attempts, I finally came up with the taste that I was looking for, so I went to the store and bought me an eye of round roast and started cooking my first batch.  At first, I used one of those round dehydrators that you have to rotate the trays on every few hours so the meat will cook evenly.  I made my first batch and tried it out on my son and daughter. 


    I took samples to my local watering hole and asked them to taste it and to give me their honest opinion.  Well, after they sent me home with my tail between my legs a few times.......I finally got the recipe just right.  They all said it was great and not to change a thing.  We still use the exact same recipe for our jerky today.  

     I started making jerky and putting it in zip-lock bags and taking it to the local watering hole , work, and other places to sell.  It caught on real fast.   In just a couple of weeks I got rid of the old round dehydrator and bought me a commercial model.  Within a month or so, I got so busy that I bought another one, and within a couple of months I had 4 dehydrators.  I went from buying a small roast at the store to buying 30 pounds of eye of round from my local butcher who cut it up for me. got so busy that I ended up buying my own commercial slicer and started doing my own meat cutting.  I started buying about 75 pound cases of eye of round roast  from Sam's Club and processing it myself.  Within a few months I was going through 2 ot 3 of these a week. 

    In August of 2010 I had to retire from my job due to health issues, so I supplemented my retirement by peddling  jerky on the side of the road and at special events.  I also had a route and delivered jerky to several places on Fridays.  

     In June of 2011, we purchased an 8 X 16 building and found a place on the busy highway to set it up.  We put in a drive-thru window, and that's where we sold from for a few years.  It's called Swamp Mama's Jerky Shack.  We still deliver to some places that order multiple bags.  We  sometimes sell at gun shows, special events and festivals around the state. We use to ship worldwide, but due to regulations at the current time we can only ship within the state of Arkansas.  Please call us for directions to our store that is currently located at 4508 Alma Hwy just East of Van Buren, Arkansas.

    Currently our small business is operated by, my wife (BJ), my son (Dylan) and our 11 year old daughter (Faith) also loves to help out.  We all have an active role in the business.   Dylan is the marinade mixer and butcher who cuts up and slices all the beef.  BJ loads the cookers and bags all the jerky.  Faith is, well.....whatever she wants to be and really a great helper, and due to health issues I am no longer able to work other that loaf at the store on occasion, and I've found that I'm pretty good at that too!  

     It's a small family business that we love to operate.  We take pride in our products and put our hearts and souls into it.  We aim to please our customers and are open to any comments and/or suggestions.  Just leave us a note on the Contact Us page.

All of our jerky is packaged in tamper proof resealable bags, and we only use USDA eye of round beef roast and no MSG or other preservatives are ever used.  We only use natural ingredients.