5 oz Bag of jerky.  6" X 12".

 ​Our ordering page is pretty simple.  We only sell one size bag of jerky, 5 ounces.  It's $11 per bag.  Shipping charges are simple too.  For $6.00 shipping, we will ship one bag or 1000 bags and anything else you order with it, t shirts, marinade, rub or samples. In other words...there will be one $6.00 shipping charge per order. We try to ship within 3 days  unless other arrangements have been made for a special or very large order.  We ship USPS  1st Class or Priority Mail.  Please allow us time to cook your big orders.

 We also have a FREE  Buyer's Club.  When you buy 10 bags of jerky, we will send you a FREE bag.    You don't have to order all 10 at once to get the FREE bag.  We will keep count in our database and credit you the FREE one when you hit 10 bags.   This offer doesn't expire.  You will get a stamp and credit on your Buyer's Club card each time you make a jerky purchase.  Sorry this only applies to jerky and not other Swamp Mama's items.  ATTENTION:  Due to  USDA regulations we only ship within Arkansas.

To place an order simply select the "Add to Cart" button beside your selection.  You will be directed to your shopping cart where you can update the quantity for each selection.  You may select "continue shopping" to add other flavors or items to your cart.  Whey you are finished shopping simply select "Check out" or "Check out with PayPal."  YOU DO NOT NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT TO CHECKOUT.  When you select check out, simply select "Don't have a paypal account and you can check out securely with your debit or credit card. If you are making an order and also want samples of the other flavors, don't hit the Buy Now button for samples.  Just request them in the comment section at checkout and I'll include them.  Limit to 1 sample pack.  Thanks. 

Our sample package consists of 1 approximately 1/2 ounce sample of all 4 flavors of our jerky.  Original, Mild, Spicy & Hot.  Just pay the $6.00 shipping.


Our original  with our mild rub, spicy crushed red pepper flakes and cayenne peppers all blended together for our Hot Jerky lovers.

Our original  with our mild rub, spicy crushed red pepper flakes and cayenne peppers all blended together for our Hot Jerky lovers.


Our original jerky with our own special meat rub added for a great taste and just a little kick of heat.  The same rub I use on my smoked beef briskets and meats.



The original recipe jerky that got us started. Not spicy at all, so anyone can eat it.  Made with our own marinade recipe.  


Our current store located at          4508 Alma Hwy


Our original with crushed red pepper flakes added for a spicy kick to our original jerky.  Not too tmild and not too spicy. 

Our original with our mild meat smoking rub added for just a tad of spice and a great flavor.  The same rub we use on our smoked briskets and other meats.


This is our BBQ smoking rub that we put on our mild jerky.  It's great on all meats especially a beef brisket.  I use it on pork and chicken too. $10 per pound bag.